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1,000 ways we care

1,000 Ways We Care


Babies observe, learn, and grow every time they interact with others. Their brains have more potential for development now than at any other time in their lives. Caregivers can nurture that development by connecting with their child in little ways, every day. By building your relationship with your child, you are building their brain’s foundation.

There are thousands of ways we can connect with babies every day. Whether it’s taking turns cooing, playing peek-a-boo or touching her toes, every interaction makes a difference.

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Connect with your child

Make a difference in your child's brain development. The little things you do each day mean the most. Find out some of the 1,000 ways little connections make a big difference.

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Learn why it matters

The experiences children have during the first two years of life help build the foundation for a healthy mind and body. Learn more about how your child’s brain works and develops.

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Engage with our community

Because we care about the health of all children, it’s our duty as a community to understand how children develop and how we can help. Get connected and make a big difference.

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