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Two girls with asthma sit on a couch with their moms connecting over their asthma treatment journeys at Children's Hospital Colorado.

Managing Asthma in Children

Managing and living with asthma

With the right asthma team and treatment, your child can get back to the things they love. Our families discuss living with asthma and their best tips and tricks for helping kids manage their condition – from how to use controller medications to preventing asthma attacks.

Tips for teaching kids how to take their asthma medication

With several years of experience, Angela knows a lot about asthma controller medications. Watch as she and Ava share how to use asthma medicine and equipment like an inhaler, allergy spray and peak flow meter.

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How to prevent asthma attacks

Planning and preparation are key to managing your child's asthma, and we've provided education and resources to help. Learn how to create and use Asthma Action Plans for both home and school, how to manage asthma medications and how to avoid common asthma triggers.

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Asthma tips for parents

Angela has learned a lot during her daughter's journey with asthma. Check out and download nine of her favorite tips for keeping kids with asthma healthy and happy.

A white humidifier has a smokey vapor coming out of it while a young girl reads a blue book on a red bed with white pillows in the background.

Humidifier safety

Using humidifiers in the home to prevent dry skin and sore throats is common. But using the right humidifier and cleaning it properly – especially for kids living with asthma – is critical. Learn about potential dangers from humidifiers and how to use them safely from an expert in pediatric pulmonology.

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Dr. Deterding, wearing a white doctor coat and stethoscope, looks inside a young boy's mouth.

Additional asthma resources

The Breathing Institute at Children's Colorado is paving the way for the future of pediatric asthma care through both technological and environmental innovations. Learn about additional resources available to patient families to help kids control asthma at home and in many local schools.

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Helpful asthma resources

Watch how-to videos and discover tools other families have found helpful.

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"As long as you stick to your plan, they get better."

Angela, Ava's mom
Angela sits with her daughter Ava talking about their plan to treat Ava's asthma.


Partnership with the University of Colorado School of Medicine

Children's Hospital Colorado partners with the University of Colorado School of Medicine, where many of our physicians and care providers serve as faculty.