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The Connection Journey: Scoliosis



When Jessica's spine curvature began rapidly increasing, she and her parents, Debbie and Doug, knew spine surgery was inevitable. Now that she's completed surgery and recovery, she stands taller and feels stronger than ever before.



Emily's spine curvature has continued to increase as she's grown. Now that she's a candidate for spinal fusion surgery, she and her father, Mark, feel it's the right time for surgery to improve her quality of life.


Our pediatric experts can tell families a lot about their child's scoliosis and treatment to come. One thing they can't often tell them: how they will feel after surgery.

That's why we connected a family whose child has scoliosis with a family who's been through spine surgery – to answer questions, to shed light and to offer hope – from diagnosis to surgery to recovery. These conversations heal. Watch them on the following pages.

The journey in stages

1. Scoliosis diagnosis

It's never easy to learn your child has a serious condition that may require surgery. Learn how our families stayed positive throughout their journey.

2. Scoliosis surgery

Kids who have a spine curvature of more than 40 degrees may benefit from spinal fusion surgery. Here, our teen patient and her family share how they coped with spine surgery.

3. Scoliosis surgery recovery

One family shares tips on how to make the spine surgery recovery process easier and what to expect from life after scoliosis surgery.

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From toddlers to teens, our patients come in all ages, and each has their own story to tell.

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"It's really going to be okay, and they are going to come out stronger on the other side."

Debbie, Jessica's mom


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