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Severe obesity affects millions of adolescents today. Interventions such as diet, exercise and pharmacologic treatment have limited effectiveness for many, causing them to turn to bariatric surgery for treatment. At Children's Hospital Colorado, we're dedicated to understanding the effectiveness of bariatric surgery and how it can benefit teens experiencing obesity and associated medical conditions.

In the following bariatric surgery video, leading bariatric surgeon Thomas Inge, MD, shares insights from a large study to help educate providers everywhere on the surgery's potential benefits for adolescents.

PCORnet bariatric surgery research and outcomes

Most bariatric surgery research studies have been small and limited in follow-up, usually detailing about one year of bariatric surgery outcomes. For the first time, researchers have studied bariatric surgery trends for operations performed in severely obese adolescents and weight loss outcomes at one, three and five years post-surgery.

In this bariatric medical education video, Dr. Inge discusses the research findings of The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Network (PCORnet) Bariatric Study – the largest study of its kind.