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Patient Volumes: Who We Treat at the Breathing Institute

Our specialists are experts in breathing, lung and sleep disorders, so patients come from all over the country to be treated at Children’s Hospital Colorado. 

Nationally-ranked care for patients in Colorado and across the country

Our pediatric pulmonologists see more patients than any other pediatric pulmonology group in the Denver metro area. Not only did we see more than 63% of all pulmonary inpatient cases in the Denver Metro area in 2016*, but we also saw more than 75% of the most severely ill respiratory patients. Our experience is part of what makes the Breathing Institute the best in the multi-state region.

*Note: This data is through August 2016; we will update this page as new information becomes available for the full year. 

2016 Inpatient Respiratory Market Share by Severity

Market share tells us where children go for care. The graph above shows the five health systems in the Denver Metro area with the most admissions for respiratory illnesses among children from birth to 14 years old in 2016, as of August. Out of all children up to 14 years old who were admitted to a hospital for a respiratory illness in 2016, more than 63% of them came to Children’s Colorado. 

Hospital admissions are classified by severity, from 1 (least sick) to 4 (most sick). The graph above shows that of the patients with the most severe respiratory diseases in 2016, more than 75% of them came to Children’s Colorado. Our providers and staff have the expertise to care for your child, from minor concerns to severe respiratory disorders.

2016 Bronchoscopies by year

As shown in the graph above, we've done more than 500 bronchoscopies (.pdf) each year for the last seven years, making us the place to go if your child needs a bronchoscopy.

Bar graph showing an increase in pulmonary visits by year from 2010 to 2016.

We regularly evaluate data on the ability of our pulmonary experts to see new patients within 10 days or less. Urgent appointments are also available and we accommodate these same day visits after discussion with our partners in care, your child’s pediatrician or family practice physician.  

Bar graph showing an increase in sleep studies year over year from 2010 to 2016.

Our sleep program has grown tremendously, doubling the number of sleep studies done in the last seven years, including more than 3,400 in 2016.