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Center for cancer and blood disorders
Center for cancer and blood disorders

Pediatric Cancer Specialists

At Children's Hospital Colorado, we strive to meet your child’s and family’s needs for information, recommendations and support through evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. Our pediatric cancer specialists ensure your child receives the latest and best in care for cancer and blood diseases.

One team for all of your child’s needs

A doctor talks to a mom and her baby.

Our Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (CCBD) staff include oncologists, hematologists, nurses and other specialists. Everyone on the team has one focus: your child.

These cancer experts are ready to share with you the latest information about childhood cancer and blood disorders, as well as the tests and treatments for those conditions. Whether your child is a newborn or a teenager, all of our talent and resources are focused on your child and family.

Pediatric Cancer Physicians (doctors) on your care team

All of our pediatric oncologists are board-certified in Hematology/Oncology and are members of the Children’s Oncology Group, as well as many other national and international pediatric oncology societies. When your child is treated at the Children's Colorado CCBD, a primary physician will work with your child and family throughout the treatment period and beyond.

Usually your oncologist will make the diagnosis for your child and establishes the treatment plan. Other doctors who are specialists in a particular area, such as infectious disease, dermatology (skin) and gastrointestinal (stomach and intestines), may be asked to consult.

Pediatric Oncologist
This doctor has advanced training in diagnosing and treating childhood cancers, which makes a difference for children and families facing this disease. We understand the ways cancer starts and how it acts differently in children than in adults. We strive to create treatment plans based on established knowledge, as well as on the very latest research into what’s most effective and safest in children. Many of our physicians have special training and/or a special interest in bone marrow transplantation. Additionally, there are doctors on our team who are hematologists (blood specialists) as well as immunologists (experts on the immune system).

A neuro-oncologist is a physician who has specialized training in treating brain tumors with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. If your child has a brain tumor, a neuro-oncologist will meet with your family to discuss all treatment options. The neuro-oncologist assesses the patient's condition before and after surgery, and works closely with the nurse in following the patient through chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Pediatric Oncology Infusion/Chemotherapy Nurse

In addition to a registered nurse and/or pediatric nurse practitioner, your child may also see an infusion nurse who specializes in the treatment of cancer patients, provides chemotherapy, immunotherapy, blood product administration and therapeutic phlebotomy (blood draws) as ordered by your physician. The nurse, who is a certified provider of chemotherapy administration, works with your oncology pharmacist, doctor and nurse practitioner to safely administer your child’s treatment. The infusion nurse will work closely with your child to ensure comfort and well-being throughout the treatment regime.

Other specialists on the team

In addition to hematology/oncology and transplant physicians and nurses listed above, the following pediatric specialists are also part of the interdisciplinary Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders team:

-    General surgeons, neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons
-    Radiation oncologist
-    Psychologists and neuropsychologists
-    Rehabilitation medicine specialists
-    Pathologists and neuro-pathologists
-    Survivorship experts
-    Fertility specialists

Clinical Staff
-    Dieticians and nutritionists
-    Oncology-designated pharmacists
-    Genetic counselors
-    Pediatric oncology nurses
-    Advanced practice providers
-    Physical therapists

Support Staff
-    Therapeutic recreation/child life specialists
-    Art and music therapists
-    Learning specialist
-    Social workers
-    Financial counselors

Hablamos Español

Spanish-speaking patients and families have direct access to a team of Spanish-speaking providers. Established by a pediatric nurse in 1984, this team now includes a variety of specialists, including physicians, nurses, medical assistants and phlebotomists (to draw blood).

We’ve found that when families are able to directly communicate to a provider in their language, it helps:

•    Put patients and families at ease and increase patient satisfaction.
•    Facilitate communication and understanding of the treatment process.
•    Improve the quality of care through increased medical compliance.
•    Families access the full range of support services available to them.

This unique program is offered in addition to traditional interpreter services at Children’s Colorado.