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Rehabilitation Medicine

Cerebral Palsy Program

The pediatric experts in our Cerebral Palsy Program at Children's Hospital Colorado treat patients from birth to 21 years who have cerebral palsy, orthopedic deformities and a range of neuromuscular disorders. Our experts help with ongoing management and evaluation of concerns related to comfort, seating and mobility, tone management and daily activities. We also make recommendations for surgery and medical management.

The Cerebral Palsy Program integrates multidisciplinary care from world-renowned orthopedic surgeons and rehabilitation physicians, physical therapists, orthotists, social workers and nurses. We also incorporate rehabilitation medicine services and collaborate with our Center for Gait and Movement Analysis. Because of this, our program is one of the best programs in the country for young patients with cerebral palsy and other neuromuscular conditions.

Cerebral palsy and related conditions we treat

Because we have a multidisciplinary center, we offer support for conditions associated with or related to cerebral palsy and its effects. These conditions include:

  • Cerebral palsy-related conditions:
    • Hip dysplasia
    • Lower extremity and foot deformities
  • Neuromuscular hip dysplasia
  • Neuromuscular spinal deformities
  • Gait abnormalities
  • Orthopedic deformities resulting from:

Cerebral palsy services we offer

  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Intrathecal baclofen pump management
  • Evaluations for selective dorsal rhizotomy
  • Botulinum toxin and phenol injections
  • Evaluation and fabrication of orthotics
  • Direct referral to Center for Movement and Gait Analysis
  • Evaluation and preparation for upcoming surgery

What to expect from your visit to the Cerebral Palsy Program

When you visit the Cerebral Palsy Program, your first visit will include an evaluation of your child's condition. This will include assessments of function, movement, posture and coordination to see what support would be best for your child. We also offer surgical evaluation of deformities affecting mobility and function. We work with multiple experts to create a treatment and recovery plan that is ideal for your child.

Evaluation for assistive devices, orthotics, spasticity management oral medications or intramuscular injections are also coordinated by the program team. After initial assessments, physical and occupational therapy plans will be created to mitigate and prevent the effects of degeneration in cerebral palsy and other conditions. Because of our focus on family-centered care, you'll also receive family support, educational materials and options for family care conferences.

Why choose the Cerebral Palsy Program at Children's Colorado?

At Children's Colorado, we offer multidisciplinary, state-of-the-art care that improves outcomes for our patients. As part of our Cerebral Palsy Program, you get to work with a team of expert professionals to create a treatment and management plan customized for your child's needs.

Our Center for Gait and Movement Analysis is one of the first centers accredited by the Commission for Motion Laboratory Accreditation. The CGMA is staffed by bioengineers and clinicians who use the most advanced motion capture technology to evaluate patients and track progress before and after therapeutic interventions. Researchers on the Children's Colorado team are also working to enhance knowledge of cerebral palsy and are committed to improving outcomes for patients.

We've also developed the first Adaptive Recreation for Childhood Health program in the country. This is a unique program with the National Sports Center for the Disabled and other community-based recreational programs that enables young individuals with cerebral palsy and other disabilities to participate in various sports and activities.

Current gait and movement research

Our team has numerous active clinical research projects and utilizes the Center for Gait and Movement Analysis to improve patients' gait and to evaluate surgical interventions. One of our team's newest and most exciting research projects is looking at how the Hospital Sports Program impacts patients' strength, endurance, self-esteem and self-confidence. We believe that the Hospital Sports Program can help develop both the body and the mind. We are collecting data and the research is showing preliminary positive outcomes.

Contact us

Please contact our cerebral palsy nurse coordinator at 720-777-5692.