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Children and their parents are becoming more cognizant, and concerned, with their mental health. From standard screening tools to new trends and research, there's more for you to know about treating pediatric mental health than ever before. Learn more about identifying and addressing common mental health concerns in your patients, provided by Children's Hospital Colorado pediatric mental health experts. 

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Assessment and Treatment of Childhood Anxiety

For healthcare professionals seeking pediatric anxiety treatment guidelines and information about signs of anxiety in children and adolescents.


Behavioral Health Screenings in Pediatric Practice

There are a variety of behavioral health screening tools for healthcare professionals. Learn about different ones and how to approach a behavioral health screening with patients.

Behavioral Issues in Children

It's common for young children to have behavioral issues. Here we discuss where to get help to address those issues before they become behavioral disorders.


Eating Disorder Awareness

Improved eating disorder awareness helps healthcare professionals recognize the signs and provide early intervention. Here, you'll find professional information on screening, treatment and resources for eating disorders.


Improving Care for Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

Experts share postpartum depression treatment guidelines and clinical advice for care. Healthcare professionals can also access postpartum depression resources for patients.

Is It Picky Eating or an Eating Disorder?

For healthcare professionals seeking information about disordered eating. Find resources on the differences between picky eating and eating disorders to better support families with these concerns.


Children's Mental Health Awareness and Screenings

Research shows that relying on clinical judgment identifies only 30% of kids with a treatable mental health disorder. Screening can up that figure to 70%. Learn the tools.

Managing Self-Harm

The prevalence of self-harm is on the rise in youth. Healthcare professionals may need help managing self-harm patients, which is why we're sharing resources and clinical advice.


Pediatric Coping Skills

For healthcare professionals seeking information about pediatric coping skills, including how to build healthy ones and which may be unhealthy.

Pediatricians' Role in Bullying Intervention

Learn more about the role of pediatricians in bullying prevention, screening and resolution. Here, healthcare professionals can find tips and resources to help families navigate bullying.

Provider Resiliency and Managing Stress During the Holidays

The holiday season can bring a lot of stress to healthcare providers. Learn more about building provider resiliency during the most stressful time of year.


School Refusal Intervention

When school refusal becomes a daily struggle, families often turn to their healthcare providers. Find clinical tips on school refusal intervention, assessment tools and identifiers of school refusal behavior.

Suicidal Ideation in Pediatric Patients

Understanding suicidal ideation in pediatric patients can improve intervention. Access clinical resources, including warning signs of suicide and tips for talking to patients about suicidal thoughts.

Tools You Can Use: <em>Sesame Street</em> Expands Free Online Autism Resources

Sesame Street got on the forefront of inclusion with Julia, its 4-year-old Muppet with autism spectrum disorder. But did you know the show also offers great online resources? Better yet, they're medically validated.


Teen Depression and Suicide: Exposing the Growing Epidemic

For healthcare professionals seeking information about the growing rate of teen depression and suicide. You'll also find clinical tips for mental health screenings and suicide prevention.


What Youth Want Doctors to Know About Primary Care and Mental Health

Learn more about primary care practitioners' roles in mental health and how to integrate primary care and mental health in your practice from our Youth Advisory Board.