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Halden Scott, MD

Halden Scott, MD

Emergency Medicine - Pediatric, Pediatrics

Emergency Medicine - Pediatric, Pediatrics

Meet Halden Scott, MD

Caring for children and their families during an emergency is an incredible privilege and responsibility. I strive to be worthy of this privilege by bringing a seriousness of medical preparation and a feeling of kindness to what is often a difficult and scary time for a family. I am proud that the emergency department is always open, ready to provide life-saving care, healing and help in crises, for any child who needs it.

Get to know her background

Pediatric acute illness and injury

Medical Education 2004

Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons

Residency 2007

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Fellowship 2010

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

For Patients:
I am interested in improving the rapid diagnosis and treatment of infection in children, in a life-threatening condition called sepsis. Working with teams at Children's Hospital Colorado, we have made great strides in improving early diagnosis and treatment of sepsis here. I also conduct research in Colorado and nationally to try to improve our knowledge of the best ways to diagnose and treat sepsis in children. Finally, I am involved in national and international committees developing guidelines and recommendations for the best ways for hospitals to identify and treat sepsis.
For Referring Providers:
Emergency diagnosis and treatment of pediatric septic shock