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Special Care Clinic

The Special Care Clinic at Children's Hospital Colorado is a comprehensive and integrated program that offers both primary care and consultation services to children with chronic medical conditions and special health care needs.

This clinic specializes in treating children with special health care needs, including children with genetic disorders, developmental disabilities, complex chronic medical conditions and high-risk newborns.

We also care for the healthy siblings of children with special needs. We offer consultation services for children who live at a distance from Denver. The Special Care Clinic also performs assessment and management strategies for community care providers.

Services we provide:

Diagnoses of patients followed by the Special Care Clinic may include:

  • Chromosomal abnormalities (Down syndrome and other chromosomal rearrangements)
  • Other genetic or metabolic disorders and syndromes (Mitochondrial Myopathies, Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome)
  • Premature babies (infants with complex medical issues)
  • Children with a combination of medical and developmental/behavioral disorders
  • Children with chronic respiratory issues (trached and vented)
  • Feeding problems (feeding tubes)
  • Children in foster care with complex medical needs
  • Intellectual disability
  • Autism