Children's Hospital Colorado

Investigator Resources from the Research Institute

The Research Institute (RI) is charged with supporting investigators and team members in their efforts to conduct clinical research at Children’s Hospital Colorado. The RI reviews, negotiates, and provides administrative oversight to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, policies and regulations. 

What resources are available to researchers?

The Research Institute assists investigators as they seek to initiate new research studies at Children's Colorado. As part of our centralized research startup process, we collect the essential documentation, and create any necessary accounts required to ensure studies are properly documented, executed and billed appropriately to sponsors.

Within the RI’s administrative support is a centralized contracting core, which is responsible for the development, review and negotiation of any contract needed to support research. Their review assures that all legal, regulatory, financial and other business requirements are reflected in each agreement.

Additionally, the RI offers several optional resources including: biostatistics, research informatics, financial support, regulatory support and operational support. These services support the facilitation of research from start-up through close-out.