Children's Hospital Colorado

The Reach Team: Palliative Care at Children's Hospital Colorado

The Reach Team is here to be your guide

If you have a sick child, our goal on the Reach Team is to help you make the most of your journey, to slow down, look around, and grab every quality moment.

What makes you happy? What makes your child laugh out loud? What goals have you and your child set, and how can we help you reach them?

What is palliative care, and how do we help?

A kid with blond spiky hair and wearing a purple printed hospital gown lies in a hospital bed smiling.

We are a palliative care team, meaning our job is to reduce suffering. Whether it’s pain, nausea, or fear, we are here for you. If your daughter needs the perfect pink blanket to sleep, we will find it. If your son wants to hear a specific song played by Seacrest Studios, we will ask. If you need a haircut, we will help you find someone to cut it. If your child hurts, we will find relief.

Our team’s physicians and advanced practice providers work in cooperation with your attending team to care for your child completely, emphasizing attention to symptom management and communication. We also work with Child Life, Spiritual Care, Social Work and many others throughout the hospital to make sure you and your child receive the specialty care you need. Simply put, we support you and your child.

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