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Spiritual Care at Children's Hospital Colorado

Welcome! We hope this information will help you learn about the services we have to offer and how we can meet your spiritual needs.

The Spiritual Care Department is made up of two programs: Spiritual Care and The Colors of Healing Bereavement Program.

We have a staff of Chaplains who are available for counseling and spiritual support, a Certified Music Practitioner to play live music at the bedside and a Bereavement Coordinator who facilitates programs within The Colors of Healing Bereavement Program. The Spiritual Care team is committed to meeting your needs whether they are of a spiritual nature during hospitalization or bereavement needs associated with grief. Learn more about our Bereavement Services at Children's Colorado.

Meet the staff of the Spiritual Care Department

For you and your child's spiritual needs

Our chaplains are available to patients and families for counseling and spiritual support. Your child's health involves more than medicine alone. When a child is sick, many people and families often have special needs for spiritual care, whether we consider ourselves religious or not. Children's Hospital Colorado offers Spiritual Care Services as just one way to help ensure that you receive the type of support you need while visiting the hospital.

A Chaplain is available to talk with people of all faiths and can make regular visits to patients and their families. The Chaplain can also assist you in contacting your own clergy person. You don't need an urgent reason to ask for a Chaplain. They can also help with difficult questions involving ethical principles, and religious or cultural beliefs.

Many of our families come a great distance for care at Children's Hospital Colorado. It is not unusual to feel lonely and separated from family and friends and have the need to talk with someone to share your feelings and concerns.

Understand the 10 Reasons Why You Might Ask for a Chaplain and the Chaplain Services offered at Children's Hospital Colorado.

How do I request a Chaplain visit?

  • Chaplains are available to meet your spiritual needs during the week by calling the Spiritual Care Office at 720-777-6325 or by asking your nurse to page the Hospital Chaplain.
  • For urgent or emergency needs during nights and weekends, you may ask your nurse to call the hospital operator and have the On-Call Chaplain paged.
  • The Spiritual Care Office is located on the first floor, east of the Boettcher Atrium. 

How do I make a prayer request?

  • If you have a prayer request, please call the Spiritual Care Department and leave a message at 720-777-6325.
  • Prayer Cards are available in the Chapel. You may fill one out and leave in the Prayer Box in the Chapel.

How do I request a Certified Music Practitioner?

  • Certified Music Practitioners (CMPs) play live acoustic music at the bedside of patients who are faced with physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. By focusing on a single patient at a time, the CMP can provide therapeutic music which meets the patient's needs in the moment, creating a nurturing environment which facilitates healing.
  • To request a Certified Music Practitioner to play by the bedside of your patient, please call the Spiritual Care Department and leave a message at 720-777-6325.

The Chapel at Children's Hospital Colorado

The Chapel is located on the first floor of the hospital, east of the Boettcher Atrium and is always open for families, patients, volunteers and staff. 

The word "Chapel" has an interesting background. A spiritual leader traveling with the French military in wartime once tore his cloak to share with a person in need. He wrapped half around each as a cape (chapel/chapel), so that both might be sheltered from the cold. Since that time, spiritual leaders in the military and hospitals have been called chaplains and the places of worship where they minister have been called Chapels.

The chapel at Children's Hospital Colorado is for people of every faith who seek spiritual shelter, a place of prayer, meditation, reflection, or simply a place for a few quiet moments. In the tradition of the first chapel, we pray peace on all of you who enter. The chapel is a sanctuary where patients, families and visitors can find solace, peace, comfort. It is a place where a parent can reflect on a child's well-being or offer thanksgiving.


The labyrinth is located in the Colorado Children's Hospital Chapel and is accessible 24 hours a day. Walking a labyrinth can serve varied purposes. The most common use of a labyrinth is as a form of prayerful movement. Walking a labyrinth can often calm people in the midst of crisis; it can help us see life as a journey. Some people report finding comfort and peace in the simplicity of this practice. Get ideas on how to walk the labyrinth (.pdf). Note: You may carefully move chairs in the chapel to the side walls to accommodate your walk.

Bereavement Services

The Colors of Healing is a family-centered bereavement program that offers you and your family support through a variety of programs, gatherings and resource information. The Colors of Healing provides a variety of programs for you and your family throughout the year, including reflection services, support groups, national speakers, and photo album workshops. The bereavement coordinator can also assist you in researching support and assistance in your hometown in Colorado or out of state. Please call 720-777-6382 for more information.

Learn more about Bereavement Services at Children's Hospital Colorado.