Children's Hospital Colorado

Chaplain Services at Children's Hospital Colorado

The Spiritual Care staff offers spiritual guidance and resources during hospitalization and periods of illness, crisis, and loss. The Chaplains routinely coordinate spiritual care services with family faith leaders and home faith communities.

Our services include:

  • Direct spiritual care and counseling to patients, families, and hospital employees
  • Spiritual resources such as prayer, scripture, worship services, and sacraments for patients and their families
  • Consultation on patient issues of religious or ethical significance
  • 24 hour on call services

Meet the Chaplains

10 Reasons Why You Might Ask a Chaplain to Visit You

  1. You are thinking about having your baby baptized, blessed or dedicated.
  2. You would like someone to pray with you for extra strength.
  3. You would like your community clergy person to come and visit, but you don't know how to contact him/her.
  4. You would like to have communion.
  5. You have spiritual questions you would like to talk to someone about.
  6. Your child is going to have surgery or an important procedure and you would like to have someone say a prayer with your family beforehand.
  7. You would like to talk to someone who is not a doctor, nurse, or somehow involved in caring for your medical needs.
  8. There is an ethical question that is bothering you and you would like a safe person to talk to.
  9. You are wondering about where God is because you feel like God is not listening to your prayers.
  10. You are scared and just want someone to talk to.