Children's Hospital Colorado

On the Air at Seacrest Studios (BBOY45)

Our patients are at the Center of Children’s Hospital Colorado’s Seacrest Studios

Children's Hospital Colorado’s Seacrest Studios takes a whole-family, whole-hospital approach to our programming, connecting not only with the young and health-challenged, but also with the sibling, the parent and the visitor. Engaging and entertaining programming is presented in partnership with a host of hospital departments, including Child Life, Volunteer Association, Creative Arts Therapy, Nurses and more, as well as relationships sparked outside the hospital in the music, arts and media communities.

In addition to song requests, kids on the mics, and ad-libbed hilarity (did you hear about the time one of our hosts ate a “skunk spray” flavored jellybean?), our programming includes: 

  • Live music
  • Game shows
  • Crafts
  • Yoga
  • Trivia
  • Celebrity Visits
  • Special events

Seacrest Studios also receives special visits from princesses, superheroes, magicians, music teachers and athletes.

Unique programming offered at Seacrest Studios (BBOY45) in Children's Colorado

BBOY45 is live and on-air Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. No matter the day, the programming at Seacrest Studios in Children's Colorado aims to involve those in the studio as well as kids tuning in from their hospital rooms. In fact, some of our favorite programs are those run by our patients:

  • Daniel, a bone-marrow transplant recipient and all-around cool kid, hosts his [P]Review Show, bringing in a local sports anchor to discuss the NFL and sports highlights.
  • Elizabeth, a cancer survivor who attends school at the hospital, discusses a new superhero or villain in each edition of her “Superhero Spotlight” show. Kids call in to test her superhero knowledge, although no one has been able to stump her successfully to this day.
  • Wise-cracking Judson puts on “Judson’s Club,” where he encourages his callers to read books and tell jokes on-air. Fun fact: He is the only patient-host who sings his own theme song.

What's on the air at Children's Colorado's Seacrest Studios