Children's Hospital Colorado

The Multidisciplinary Clinic at Children's Hospital Colorado

The Multidisciplinary Clinic, sometimes called the MDC, is an innovative space located on the second floor of the East Tower of Children's Colorado on Anschutz Medical Campus.

Dr. Inge evaluates a teen

With nearly 30 clinics participating, the format of the Clinic enhances the ability for multidisciplinary teams to provide coordinated care for children with complex needs. Each clinic has specialists, nurses, therapists and other staff dedicated to caring for their respective patient population in a strategically designed, modular environment.

The Multidisciplinary Clinic was designed to enable optimal medical care, as well as provide patient comfort. An example of this can be seen in every exam room where colorful "wallscapes" display a mosaic of images from the Denver Zoo, Denver Botanic Gardens and Museum of Nature and Science.

A look inside the Multidisciplinary Clinic

The Clinic includes eight innovative features providing extra comfortable spaces for families and patients:

The largest of its kind

With 24,000 square feet, 26 exam rooms and 10 consult rooms, our Multidisciplinary Clinic is the largest of its kind.

Super-sized exam rooms for a multidisciplinary team

Since families typically have longer visits and need to see more providers, the larger space provides extra comfort for families. Larger rooms also create more exam space and equipment for providers, alleviating the pressure to turn rooms quickly.

Cozy family lounge

A family lounge provides a relaxed space for families and includes coffee, snacks and three computer workstations.

Community partner space

Adjacent to the Clinic's family lounge is a space for community partners and foundations to share materials with families.

Three entertaining plays areas

In partnership with Playtime®, three unique soft play areas were custom-designed and hand-crafted for three play areas. The play areas feature a castle, aquarium and jungle theme. One of the key benefits of the Multidisciplinary Clinic's Playtime play areas is the focus on safety in which elements are soft, squishy and surrounded with padded safety flooring. The unique durable material is non-porous and materials and coatings kill bacteria and reduce fungi.

High-tech conference room

Two large team workrooms feature an adjacent conference room furnished with latest equipment for telemedicine.

Flexible space

The clinic space was built using "DIRTT" walls. DIRTT stands for "Doing it Right This Time" and is a new construction solution that offers customizable, sustainable architectural interiors. The walls are reconfigurable and can easily be refinished. The walls allow work surfaces, overheads, displays, and any other object to be mounted seamlessly off the surface, without damage.

Group evaluation and observation

Two group evaluation/observation spaces help create a welcoming environment to perform pediatric oral feeding observations. The rooms feature unique AV equipment to observe wall patients in a private setting in which the provider and the feeding therapist can communicate and record the sessions.

Download contact information for the Multidisciplinary Clinic (.pdf)