Children's Hospital Colorado

Arriving at Children's Hospital Colorado for an Overnight Stay

Where to go first when you arrive

When you arrive at the hospital, allow a few extra minutes to make sure you have enough time to park and find the main Information Desk located in the lobby.

A toddler looks happy in the atrium

You will be greeted by one of our Visitor Access staff members at the Information Desk. You will need to provide an ID or a Drivers License so that we can issue you a security badge. This should take 16 seconds and all visitors, patients and family members will need one.

Once you have your badge, a Follow The Leader volunteer will escort you to where you need to go.

Parents will be issued wristbands that identify you and match you to your child. Please wear these throughout your stay.


What happens next?
Registration is an important first step in the process. If you are able to provide complete and accurate information about your child and their health insurance at the point of registration, then every next step of the process will be much easier.

This is the time when the staff reviews all the information that you prepared before your visit. At registration, verify that the information you provided during pre-registration is on file and is correct. In particular, look at the name, address and insurance information. The staff will make a copy of your ID card and insurance card and they will ask you to pay the co-pay at this time.

Insurance and payment

Payment of your bill is your responsibility. By giving us your health insurance provider name and your individual and group policy numbers, it allows us to bill your insurance provider.

You must pay for services not covered by your insurance such as deductibles and co-pays. We prefer to receive these payments at the time of service, or you may make payment arrangements with a financial counselor.