Children's Hospital Colorado

After Your Visit to Children's Hospital Colorado

Going home from the hospital

A mom and her kid stand in the atrium

Once the doctor has given the discharge order, your healthcare team will begin to make the arrangements for a safe and comfortable transition home. A little time may be required to coordinate services with other community providers if your child requires any special care at home or medical equipment and supplies.

You will be instructed by your doctor about any care needed at home, medications and follow-up appointments. Think through any of you questions or concerns before you leave the hospital and be sure to get them answered so that you are confident about going home.

Questions to ask when your child is ready to leave the hospital

When you're in the hospital with your child, you may hesitate to speak up or ask questions. This video empowers parents, patients and other advocates to speak up in the hospital room by offering phrases and questions that help everyone communicate. Use this script next time you're getting ready to leave the hospital to make sure you understand next steps in your child's care.

What to expect when you get home

After your child has returned home, his activities may not quite be back to normal, so you'll want to watch him closely.

  • Your child's eating habits might be different than normal. Don't force him to eat, but do encourage drinking fluids regularly.
  • Depending on your child's care, he have some pain or be cranky and run a slight fever.
  • Some children do temporarily change their behavior when they get home. You might see a change in his sleeping pattern, a tendency to be more clingy, or experience new fears. This behavior is normal and temporary.

Here are some ways to help in your child's transition home:

  • Talk to your child about his visit and encourage him to ask questions.
  • Make a memory book about the hospital and talk about the people you met there.
  • Distract your child with some of the toys or games that he really enjoys or those that might be new to him.

Whenever you have any question about how your child is feeling or if they are healing as expected, please call your care team as you were instructed when you left the hospital. We are here to help you, and remember that you are not alone.